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Strategic Planning

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An excavating company sought a fresh perspective for their annual strategic planning sessions.  Paraclete worked with their key management people to bring them to a common understanding of the strategic planning process.  Then, as a unified team, they identified success factors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for themselves and for their competitors.  Taking this systematic approach allowed them to "drill down" to identifying five core activities that enabled them to achieve their goals.

Thank you for your help with our strategic planning this year.  It was well worth the time spent and we have developed our most comprehensive plan yet.  My staff and I learned a lot about general business and marketing principals from your informational sessions.

Todd Kelchner, President, Kelchner Environmental


A successful research and development firm asked Paraclete to help it take its innovative products to market. Paraclete worked with them to conduct market research, identifying customer need, market size, product price and product efficacy. Then we identified potential manufacturing partners and negotiated licensing and royalty agreements.

Paraclete has shown a real talent for thoroughly understanding our technology, for identifying strategic partners and for building key relationships.

Bruce Kania, President, Fountainhead LLC

New Product

A medical device company sought to move from being a provider of commodity products to one that gives its customers innovative solutions. Paraclete conducted focus group research throughout the USA in order to obtain an accurate view of what innovations the client’s customers wanted and would pay for. We worked with the client’s R&D and Marketing teams to translate the focus group information into tangible product features and a dynamic marketing plan.

Fabulous! Congratulations on the best product launch this industry has seen in a long time.

Dan Beardslee, President, College Park Industries


A leading prosthetic company wasn’t progressing as consistently as their competitors. As we worked with them, we discovered that they had not defined a corporate vision. Each opportunity was weighed only against other opportunities, not against an articulated objective. As a result, they consistently settled for good at the sacrifice of best. Paraclete helped them to define where they ideally wanted to be. Together we crafted a long range plan that included product-line definitions, re-working distribution networks and evaluating acquisitions and alliances. Then we drew the roadmap and helped them realize their vision.

We were already an industry leader but under Craig’s leadership we increased revenue 500% and profits by 2000%.

Robert E. Arbogast, President, OWW


A software development company had innovative techniques for the digital preservation of photos and memories. They sought to find a licensing partner to brand the technology and market it to an established customer base.  Paraclete assisted the software developer in establishing a strategy, identifying appropriate licensing prospects and helped to negotiate the terms of the agreement.  The subsequent license relationship has resulted in the largest annual revenues in company history.  The product is being sold by the 50,000 sales persons working for the market leader in the memory preservation industry.




Every year Billions of tax-payer dollars are spent on developing technologies for the Department of Defense (DoD).  Desiring that these dollars be an investment in the USA, rather than just an expense item, Congress passed legislation requiring that non-classified technologies be made available to private-sector companies for commercialization.  Paraclete Consulting, Inc. works as a liaison between various DoD branches and private companies to negotiate low-cost, high-reward Patent License Agreements (PLA) and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA).  Navigating the hierarchy of the government and speaking the language of business is critical to making connections of value to both DoD and Business.  Paraclete brings a unique understanding of both environments and gets deals done.



Free Consultation

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